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Hope lives while tears flow

Hope lives while tears flow

Hope lives while tears flow
Pictured: The late Sarah Mwilima
Hope lives while tears flow
Mourners gathering at her home.
Hope lives while tears flow
The Lady Pohamba Hospital in Windhoek.
Hope lives while tears flow
Family of Ester Nepolo at the emergency room of the hospital.

Marthina Mutanga & Eba Kandovazu

A long night of mourning awaits the family and friends of the deceased victim of the lunch time shooting spree and an equally long night of prayers and hope for her seriously wounded colleague is currently underway on opposite sides of Windhoek.
At Namibia’s newest and best equipped hospital, the Lady Pohamba hospital, doctors are fighting for the life of Ester Nepolo where she has already undergone emergency surgery to remove a bullet from her chest while in the western suburbs mourners are comforting each other after the unexpected death of 51-year-old Sarah Mwilima, the mother of at least four children of which two are living overseas.
Since the shooting incident, the shocked husband of the critically injured Ester Nepolo was waiting anxiously to hear from medical personnel about the condition of his wife along with other family members at the Lady Pohamba Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.
Not willing to say too much the husband did confirm that Ester was currently in a stable condition after she underwent emergency surgery to remove the nine millimetre bullet lodged in her chest.
Since news that Sarah Mwilima was the person who was killed during the shooting spree broke, scores of mourners started to gather at the house where she lived in Windhoek West.
The family has since appointed a spokesperson who said two of Mwilima’s daughters live overseas. The one lives in Canada and the other in the United States of America. While another daughter and a son live at their mother’s home in Windhoek.
One of the daughters said both her sisters were shocked to learn of their mother’s brutal death through social media while overseas. Mwilima’s children are still reeling in shock and referred further inquiries to the family spokesperson.
Since the shocking shooting incident in the City Centre Building in the central business district of Windhoek, it came to light that both women were busy talking in an office when the 33-year-old suspect burst in before firing his weapon.
The late Mwilima was allegedly shot and killed at point blank range. The suspect then turned his gun on Nepolo, who attempted to stop the gunman but she was shot in the chest. It is not yet clear how many shots were fired by the deranged man.

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