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Helao Nafidi residents still fuming over dumpsite

Helao Nafidi residents still fuming over dumpsite

Maria David

RESIDENTS of Omafo at Helao Nafidi in the Ohangwena region are still up in arms over the town’s dumpsite which they have described as “a breeding ground for diseases”.


Residents insist that the dumpsite, which has been around since 2003, is in the middle of a residential area and as a result, attracts children who play in the garbage heaps, exposing themselves to hazardous substances.
Ndahafa Natanael, whose house is a stone throw from the dumping site, said that the smoke emanating from the dumping site also makes life unbearable.


“We cannot continue living like this,” he said.


Omafo Helao Nafidi Ohangwena dumpsite
HEALTH HAZARD: A tractor dumping rubbish at the Heleo Nafidi dumpsite in the Ohangwena region. Photo: Maria David


Omafo resident Christopher Nekongo added that by having a dumpsite in a residential area, the Helao Nafidi town council is either deliberately or ignorantly endangering people’s lives.


“Flies and mosquitoes are breeding there and causing considerable health problems to the community,” said Nekongo.


Nekongo added that residents have been fighting for the relocation of the dumpsite since 2006, but that their demands continue to fall on deaf ears.
Last year, Mayor of Helao Nafidi, Eliaser Nghipangelwa, indicated that the town council is considering relocating the town’s dumping site following numerous complaints by residents.


“The dumping site is a challenge. It has been there before some of us became part of the town’s leadership. We concur with the community’s complaints and we are considering moving it to a new site,” said Nghipangelwa.


He, however, expressed disappointment that residents are not willing to vacate the area which has been identified to establish the new dumping site.


Despite these promises from their leadership, residents claim that there is no action plan and the rhetoric is mere window dressing.
“In reality, nothing was done and nothing will be done,” said Nekongo.