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Heavy rains keep Oshakati councillors busy

Heavy rains keep Oshakati councillors busy

Placido Hilukilwa

OSHAKATI town councillors and disaster management personnel are practically permanently in the field identifying affected areas following heavy rains of the past five days.


The heavy rains accompanied by strong wind that uprooted trees and damaged residential and business properties in several villages in the North.


Oshakati was largely unaffected by the stormy wind, but a big number of houses were flooded by rain water.


Photo: Contributed


According to council spokesperson, Katarina Kamari, newly established suburbs – Ekuku, Onawa and Ehenye – are the worst affected.


“There was no rain last season and this is practically the first real rainy season since these suburbs were established. That is why problem areas are being identified only now,” she said.


She said town councillors are in the field and the emergency management unit is providing assistance, which is currently limited to unblocking old or creating new waterways to facilitate drainage.


Kamari said that informal settlements that were negatively affected in the past were not badly affected so far because problem areas were identified and rectified during the flooding of the past.


She further said that the council’s disaster management unit had already put in place a contingency plan for seasonal flooding (Efundja) and two temporary resettlement areas were earmarked for such eventuality.


“We are however not resettling people now. Efundja is not yet here,” she said.