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Heavy police guard for soldier accused of killing civilian

Heavy police guard for soldier accused of killing civilian

Eba Kandovazu

MEMBERS of the Special Reserve Force were dispatched to the Katutura Magistrate’s Court this morning where a Namibian Defence Force soldier appeared on a murder charge.
Darrel Nyambe, a member of a task team participating in Operation Kalahari Desert, fatally shot Benisius Kalola last week Thursday near the old Single Quarters.
During his first appearance in a jam packed court, Nyambe informed the court that he had been instructed by the defence ministry to apply for a state funded lawyer. The accused person informed the court that he had no help from any person in this regard since his arrest.
He was denied bail on the grounds of the public interest in the matter and the fact that investigations are in the preliminary stages.
Kalola’s aunt, Laina Nekundi said that the deceased is survived by two children and five siblings.

Video: Benisius Kalola’s aunt Laina Nekundi – Footage: Eba Kandovazu

According to her, no one from the NDF or Nampol approached the family for condolences. It is still unclear when the funeral will be, but Kalola will be buried at his village Oshipumbu Shomugongo in the north.
Few days after his killing, the police came forward with information claiming that Kalola was a fugitive.
His family has rubbished the claims from the police.
“We are so disappointed in the police’s conduct. What they are doing right now is trying to cover up what they have done. We’re grieving our brother who was innocently killed. He has been living with us at home for years. If he was a criminal then why haven’t they come to the house to look for him? We know nothing about these pending cases and we’re only finding out about them from social media,” a cousin said shortly after court.
Nyambe will return to court on 29 January 2020 to allow for further investigations.
His rights to a formal bail hearing were explained.

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