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Haufiku eyeing top UN position

Haufiku eyeing top UN position

Zorena Jantze

FORMER health minister, Dr Bernard Haufiku, will be among those competing to take up the position of Executive Director of the United Nations programme on HIV & AIDS (UNAIDS), which is currently vacant.

CANDIDATE: Dr Bernard Haufiku Photo: contributed

Speaking at the 9th Cabinet decisions media briefing, the Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Stanley Simataa, announced that cabinet has endorsed Haufiku’s candidacy for the position.

Simataa stated that taking into consideration Haufiku’s  expertise on the subject and Namibia’s tremendous strides on the HIV/AIDs epidemic, the position would fit him like a glove.

He further lamented that Namibia needs to start playing a role in international organisations, as the country is currently not well represented even though many Namibians have the expertise and ability to take up posts internationally.

Currently employed as the special Advisor on health issues in the Office of the Presidency, if approved, this will be Haufiku’s second move within a year after his removal as Health Minister by the president, a decision which shocked many

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