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Has Angola registered its first positive case?

Has Angola registered its first positive case?

Staff Reporter

LEAKED information suggests that Angola this week registered its first positive case of COVID-19.


The Angolan state media remains tightlipped, which is not unexpected, but private media outlets are reporting that a Chinese businessman who returned from China three weeks ago was admitted at the Benguela provincial hospital days ago and has tested positive for the coronavirus.


The information was allegedly leaked by a female medical doctor who alerted relatives on a family whatsapp group by form of an audio, which quickly started spreading like wildfire.


Informanté has listened to the audio.


The unidentified medical doctor says she did not want to be a carrier of bad news but had to inform her loved ones about the case.


She says that the hospital management met behind closed doors to discuss the matter and decided to keep the case under wraps.


She says that the information shall only be released after necessary measures are put in place, such as transforming a police clinic at Catumbela into a COVID-19 centre.


Fears at the northern neighbouring country were further elevated after it was reported that the Chinese businessman, who reportedly owns a shop at a large shopping centre, had been coming into work every day until he checked himself into hospital with flu-like symptoms.


In a dramatic turn of events, the Angolan media is now reporting that the medical practitioner who leaked the information was picked up by detectives without a warrant of arrest and without an explanation of the reasons for the arrest.