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Hard-hitting evidence against Health Ministry

Hard-hitting evidence against Health Ministry

Hard-hitting evidence against health ministry

Eba Kandovazu

Suing for N$ 2.3 million in damages

A NURSE from Walvis Bay this week brought incriminating evidence against the health ministry in which a mother is suing them for the death of her daughter during child birth.

Milka Lopez is claiming that the Walvis bay hospital staff negligently handled her daughter Sophia Nghinamwaami, 20, who had just given birth to a still-born baby in 2017. This, she says, led to her death soon after. As such, Lopez is suing for N$ 2.3 million in damages.

Lopez is alleging that nurses and doctors failed to treat her daughter’s injuries, that she suffered during child birth. She says Nghinamwaami died of cardiac failure as a result of a haemorrhage due to an untreated vaginal laceration.

This week, a nurse at the hospital testified in the high court that the nurse who handled the deceased should have immediately sought the assistance of a doctor as soon as she noticed the huge laceration, before putting her to bed.

Rakkel Shiyamuluka testified that she took over when the deceased was put to bed. She said that when she pulled out a tampon from the deceased vagina, a gush of blood, approximately 250ml, came out.

Even though a huge amount of blood was lost during delivery, she had little blood in her body and she should have been given more blood before she was rushed into ICU, the nurse noted.

The Doctor who took care of Nghinamwaami, Obey Nhiwatiwa, however, testified that there was not negligence on his part or the nurses in question. According to him, the deceased only attended one antenatal counselling, where she was told that she needed to be admitted, but that she refused.

It is further the doctor’s testimony that the hospital at the time was understaffed and that only two nurses were available to attend to 15 births that day.

The lawsuit is before Judge Collins Parker.

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