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Gymnastic Federations warns against fraudsters

Gymnastic Federations warns against fraudsters

Aili Iilonga

THE Namibian Gymnastics Federation issued a warning to the public to be wary of certain individuals posing as hired members of the organisation to select gymnasts for upcoming international club competitions.


In a letter, the Executive President of the NGF, Sonja Olivier, said that, the federation noticed a trend where certain individuals posing as members of the federation who insist of upfront payment from parents of young gymnasts once such a child is purportedly selected to participate.


“It has been reported to the council of the NGF that certain individuals are misrepresenting themselves as being members of the council. The public, the gymnastics community and parents of gymnasts in particular are cautioned not to be misled by other persons claiming to be members of the council,” she said.

She added that, no selection has been made yet in regards to any upcoming international competition.


“These selections are rumored to have been sanctioned by the Namibia Sports Commission. No such teams can be approved if not approved by council. The 2019 competitive gymnastic calendar is nearing the time when we are selecting gymnasts to represent the NGF at the Region5 competition in South Africa. No selection of any gymnasts has yet been approved by council and parents are cautioned not to assume any selection unless approved by council,” she added.


She further urged gymnasts’ parents “not to affect any payment for travel, accommodation or uniforms towards participation, requested by any person who cannot prove written authorization by the council”.

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