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GUN President speaks on his arrest

GUN President speaks on his arrest

Brutalised: Brian Jaftha, the President of the Ganja Users of Namibia  video: Zorena Jantze

Zorena Jantze

THE Ganja Users of Namibia (GUN) is planning to take legal action over what it describes as brutality by members of the Namibia Defence Force (NDF) during last week’s arrest of its President, Brian Jaftha.

Speaking at a media briefing today in the Capital, Jaftha, who claims that he was beaten up and jailed after he was found in possession of Cannabis, recounted the 24 April 2019 incident which allegedly involved 40 military personnel and members of the Namibian Police force.

“They asked me which organisation’s president I am. I responded that I am president of ganja users and that was my mistake because I was punched in the face. They asked me where the cannabis is and repeatedly kicked and punched me,” he said.

He noted that he is in the process of consulting a lawyer regarding his assault and what he claims was an unwarranted search on the property as law enforcement did not have a search warrant.

Jaftha added that he was charged with the possession of cannabiss, although he claims that the cannabis was found in a room upstairs which he does not inhabit.

He stated other reports of mandrax possession are false, as confirmed by the police.

His next court appearance is set for 15 August 2019.

Jaftha’s arrest came days after his association staged a peaceful demonstration and handed government a petition requesting the legalisation of cannabis.

Jaftha says that he remains solid to the cause, adding that GUN hopes to get a positive response soon from government regarding the legalisation of weed.

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