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GRN to deliberate on schools closing

GRN to deliberate on schools closing

Staff Reporter

GOVERNMENT is currently deliberating on whether or not to temporarily close all schools, both public and private, to curtail further spread of the coronavirus.


The Executive Director of the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Ben Nangombe, made the announcement in the wake of the two confirmed coronavirus cases in Namibia.


“The president has made an announcement that all public gatherings will be prohibited. In light of this, the Ministry of Health will tomorrow deliberate on whether or not to close down all schools,” said Nangombe.


Nangombe further stated that currently, the health ministry is tracing all the persons that came into contact with the Spanish couple that tested positive for the coronavirus.


Although travel to and from South Africa, where confirmed cases of the coronavirus have been reported, has not been banned, Nangombe stated that government has restricted flights arriving from 3 countries, namely Qatar, Ethiopia and Germany.