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Government urged to have confidence in own people

Government urged to have confidence in own people

Maria David
LOCAL business tycoon Erastus Shapumba, better known as Chicco, has called on the Government to have more confidence in local business people in order to develop the country.
Shapumba made the call during the officially opening of the Ehao Expo held in Okahao on Saturday, while condemning the construction of the new Swapo Party building.
Shapumba stated that government officials should be open to advice before they take any decision in order to maintain peace and stability in the country.

Pictured: Business tycoon Erastus Shapumba. Photo: Maria David

“Namibian business people must be respected and given the opportunity in order to grow the economy and politicians should have confidence in us,” said Shapumba.
He explained that if government listens they will be able to save more, rather than spending while people are suffering and living in poverty. It will also help to circulate the money in the country according to him.
Shapumba, who condemn the construction of the new Swapo Party building said that the project costs too much, if it was a Namibian than they could at least cost even N$ 400 million if not less.
“Our people are living in a sorry state and the government could use at least N$100 million to construct toilets for the people living in settlement areas of the country and better their living conditions in place of wasting the money,” he said.
Furthertmore, Shapumba said that with the current Fourth Industrial Revolution, what happened 20 years ago it’s no longer applicable in the country, as the youth have new ideas that can grow the economy and everyone should start listening to them in order to grow the economy and strive to develop the country.
He also called on the government to invest more in local businesses than in foreign owned entities, as they disappear once they are done and go with the money without leaving any to circulate in the country.

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