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Former PA attempts to take the blame for Katrina

Former PA attempts to take the blame for Katrina

Eba Kandovazu
Christians Paulu, the erstwhile personal assistant of Katrina Hanse-Himarwa while she was still the Governor of the Hardap Region, in defence of the education minster testified that he acted on his own initiative when he decided to investigate purported irregularities on the housing beneficiary list.
Paulu testified that he was indeed the person that dealt with the complaints that were reported at the office, pertaining to alleged irregularities on the mass housing list.
Paulu admitted that he alone drafted a letter to the Mariental municipality requesting for the list after three ladies verbally complained to him that their names have been removed and that certain people were allocated homes when they applied for housing before everyone else.
Paulu was the first Defense witness called to testify in defence of the education minister. He said that he took it upon himself to investigate whether the claims had any truth.
“It was my own initiative, to take the matter up with the municipality. I dealt with the complaints. Not the Governor,” Paulu maintained.
He claimed to have met up with one Elma Gawagab at the municipality, who was at the time in charge of housing matters.
The witness was also one of the people listed on the mass housing list according to the prosecution.
On this aspect, he claims to have personally met the Mariental CEO Paul Ngiwilepo and submitted his identification documents together with his payslip, although he did not fill an application form.
“After establishing that there was no allocation of houses at the time I received the complaints. I did not pursue the investigation further because the complaints were baseless, where after I informed the governor,” Paulu testified before Judge Christie Liebenberg.
Under cross examination Paulu was grilled on the legitimacy of a letter he presented before the court, which suggests the request for the housing list from the municipality.
Deputy Prosecutor General Ed Marondedze is challenging the letter, because it was not signed, saying it was merely drafted to sway the court into believing the office of the governor acted on the complaints received.
Marondedze put it to the witness that the CEO Ngiwilepo equally denies receiving such a letter.
Asked why he did not personally deliver the letter to the CEO, Paulu responded: “He still would have sent me back to Gawagab because she was the relevant person who dealt with housing.”

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