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THE City of Windhoek (CoW) has admitted that the ever-growing expansion of food outlets in Windhoek in
recent years has made it difficult for the city to properly monitor the hygiene
of many restaurants, fast food outlets and hotels.

Windhoek’s head of Corporate Communications, Harold Akwenye was responding to public complaints of some food
outlets being in unhygienic conditions despite charging an arm and a leg on
food prices.

Akwenye said that since March 2018, City of Windhoek statistical data shows that there has been a total of
1303 registered formal food outlets in Windhoek, although the number changes
daily as new businesses are registered.

“This increasing number of food outlets results in routine monitoring extremely difficult,”

he said.

Akwenye said that the city has employed 15 Environmental Health Practitioners, a clear indication of
understaffing on the inspection of food outlets.

He added that the number includes restaurants, Take Aways, supermarkets, Hypermarkets, butcheries,
hotels, catering companies, general dealers and bed and breakfast facilities.

Akwenye urges members of the public to report unhygienic conditions to the Health Services Division at CoW.
According to CoW, 12 food outlets were closed down and 4 were given bad rating in the past two years.

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