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Flood warning issued for lower Kunene River

Flood warning issued for lower Kunene River

Niël Terblanché

THE flow in the Kunene River has spiked to almost double the volume at which it flowed two days ago and people living on the banks below the Ruacana Falls has been warned to take necessary precautions to avoid being inundated by the water.


According to the Namibia Hydrological Service the flow in the Kunene River at Ruacana suddenly became very high. At Ruacana the flow was measured at 1136.70 cubic metres per second. Two days ago the flow was measured at just above 700 cubic metres per second.


“For safety, communities along the Kunene River must be on extreme alert for imminent flooding and take the necessary precautionary measures.”
According to the hydrological service the river upstream from the falls is also in full flood.


The Calueque Dam has reached its full storage level and the flow at the dam is currently standing at 1 806.04 cubic metres per second.



The hydrological service warned that more water is expected to be released from the dam in the next few days.


Meanwhile the water level in the Zambezi River, as it was measured on Thursday morning at Katima Mulilo, is also gradually rising and is currently standing at 1.59 metres.


The water level in the Okavango River at Rundu and Nkurenkuru is also still rising and levels are currently standing at 6.24 metres and 4.08 metres respectively.


According to the flood bulletin the water level in the river at Rundu is currently the highest it’s been in the past four years.


The water level on the Lower Orange River at Blouputs remained low and was measured at 35 centimetres. The hydrological services warned that the water levels may fluctuate slightly which could have a negative influence on users of water from the river.