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Flipside - Sorry Dr Iyambo Namibians are better than this

Sorry, Dr. Iyambo. Namibians are better than this!

IF there is anything wrong with the occupation of state property by the founding Vice-President, Dr Nickey Iyambo, it is that it is not reward enough by a government and a nation he served over a lifetime.
He deserves more, but dignity and respect will be what he will appreciate most.
It is not possible to reward patriotism, loyalty, selfless-duty, self-sacrifice and commitment, especially when Dr Iyambo himself would have never expected any reward and shivered at the idea.
If ever there was a wrong political target in a political year it is the universally admired Dr Iyambo who has now been dragged into the public as part of the personal political fights against President Hage Geingob.
How did Namibia come to this where Government is not allowed discretion on the allocation of a house? In the light of serious national challenges where common values must prevail, it is disappointing with what is regarded priority.
Namibians have reason to be fearful of what some will be capable of if they – by a conspiracy of national bad luck—come into power and must take decisions.
It must be remembered, especially by fellow politicians that Dr Iyambo stubbornly resisted retirement in spite of health issues, but his unwavering loyalty and sense of duty was also the reason for him to step down, for the sake of national interest and when duty demanded it.
Namibians know that it was not easy to convince him and it was even more difficult for Dr Iyambo to convince himself because his loyalty and sense of duty did not allow him.
There are not many who could do that and it is doubtful if there are more than a handful of members of all parties in the current parliament who can do it now.
A thank you would have been in order for the retired founding Vice-President of Namibia, Dr Nickey Iyambo, instead of now abusing parliament to cast suspicion on the fact that he occupies government property in anticipation for a Bill regulating the retirement and salary packages for Presidents and Vice-Presidents that will be tabled soon.
In the absence of a law, Namibians must be guided by their upbringing, values and morals, but mostly by their conscience to do what is right.
What is right is the decision of the Government to accommodate the iconic 83-year old elder statesman and a Constitutional Founding Father, by offering the said property that in any case belongs to Government until an imminent law is finalized.
Not by age, but by his contribution to Namibia’s Independence, democracy, transformation and his exemplary leadership, is Dr Iyambo the undisputed gentleman of Namibian politics and if such a thing like a foster father of the nation ever comes into existence, he uniquely qualifies.
He is still the living example and ambassador of all values that Namibians in an imperfect world must aspire to.
Namibia hopes that the remuneration law that is underway for former Presidents and Vice-Presidents demonstrate the Namibian values of respect and national appreciation the elder statesman deserves.
It is painful to see the leaders on whose backs Namibian stability, peace and freedom were gained are insulted and becoming targets of uncontrolled political ambition and misguided self-confidence of contestants.
Namibians are better than this.

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