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Flexible Johannes decries lost opportunity

Flexible Johannes decries lost opportunity

Video: Johannes showing the extreme felxibility of his body. – Footage: Placido Hilukilwa

Placido Hilukilwa
IT takes a lot of serious training and exercise to achieve satisfactory flexibility of muscles and joints of the human body, but for the 18-year-old Johannes Johannes it came naturally without any training whatsoever.
He is a learner at the CJ Brandt High School in Windhoek but Informanté caught up with him at the Uukwandongo village in the Omusati region where he is visiting relatives.
“Growing up here in the rural area I knew that I was unlike other kids my age. I had extra ordinary body flexibility but I never really gave it further thought. My parents and primary school teachers did not see my potential either. Only now am I noticing that I missed a golden opportunity to develop my full potential. That is too late now because my muscles and joints are gradually becoming stiff and tight as I grow up,” he said.
His aunt Hangeneni Amwaama disagrees. “He is still young and is still flexible enough. All he needs to do is to find a trainer or someone to be his training companion,” she said.
According to experts, the flexibility of the body is either inherited or a trait specific to some body types.
They also say that losing it as one grows older is perfectly normal.

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