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Fishrot net lands another accomplice

Fishrot net lands another accomplice

Niël Terblanché

A STING operation by the Anti-Corruption Commission exposed a fresh attempt at perverting the course of justice by the Fishrot Six when an agent of one of the accused persons was arrested and charged with corruption.


An attempt to access bank accounts by dubious means and to pervert the course of justice backfired when the insider was arrested by officials of the Anti-Corruption Commission during the special operation less than 24 hours ago.


The Director-General of the Anti-Corruption Commission, Paulus Noa, confirmed that a person, acting on behalf of one of the accused persons in the fisheries corruption scandal, approached one of the investigating officers with a proposal to remove bank cards from evidence against payment.


“The messenger informed the investigating officer that he was willing to pay up to N$2 million in cash for officer to remove the bank cards from evidence. It would have enabled one of the accused persons to access funds in bank accounts,” Noa said.



According to Noa the sting operation was organised for last night and when the Fishrot agent handed over the bribe money a team of consisting of ACC investigators swooped in and executed the arrest.


“The person, who was acting as the messenger, was charged under Namibia’s anti-corruption laws as well as with attempting to interfere with the course of justice. At this stage we are not willing to identify either the suspect or which one of the six accused persons currently in custody is behind the attempt to corruptly obtain vital material from evidence.”


Noa said the suspect still has to make an appearance in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court on the charges. He indicated that further arrests may follow in this regard.


Noa added that the matter of interfering with an ongoing investigation by an accused person will be addressed with the specific individual behind the attempt to pervert the course of justice. He added that the incident might very well lead to additional charges added to the individual’s charge sheet.


A similar attempt to pervert the course of justice and to interfere with an ongoing investigation occurred at the beginning of December when Nigel van Wyk, an employee of Sacky Shanghala, was arrested by law enforcement officials when he attempted remove documentation and electronic storage devices from the former justice minister’s luxury mansion in Luxury Hill.