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First Division not happy with NPL

First Division not happy with NPL

Aili Iilonga

THE North-East First division as well the Southern stream first division top guns have expressed their dissatisfaction over the lack of consideration from the Namibian Premier League in availing funds to kick off the first division stating that, the NPL has abdicated constitutional responsibilities.
Informanté spoke to the Chairperson of the Southern Stream first division Kenneth Goaseb who blasted the NPL chairperson Patrick Kauta for being responsible for the commencement of the first division.
“Since Kauta has taken over, he decided not to give funds to the first division and to instead focus on the main league but if you notice that the sponsorship contract between MTC and the NPL stipulates that money availed would benefit the league as well as the first division. His predecessor Johny Doeseb made sure to always have funds readily available for us,” he said,
Goaseb said that according to the NPL constitution article 10, the NPL is administratively responsible for the first division.

“They have abdicated constitutional responsibilities in terms of soliciting funds for the first division and at the moment we are awaiting word from the NC on the way forward,” he said.
He further added that, they are yet to receive any announcement as to whether the league would indeed kick off.
“The only official communication was in Mariental where the NC said that all the leagues will start at the same time. We have also submitted our budget proposal and we are waiting on the way forward from the NC,” he added
Mutiri Rodolf, Chairperson of the North-East First Division concurred with those sentiments and said that the first division solely relies on funds from the NPL.
“It’s not the second year in a row that we are not having any activities. We, the first division, are solely relying on funds from the NPL. The situation between the NPL and the NC is really affecting us as people are asking what is happening and we have no answers for them,” he said.
He also touched on the relegation and promotion status saying that the situation need clear directive from FIFA on the way forward.
“In terms of promotion, we understand and know that no clubs will be promoted into the main league but as for the relegation, we from our side will not accept the relegated teams as our members until we receive a directive form FIFA to do otherwise,” he added.