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Fire destroys two Oshikango lodges

Fire destroys two Oshikango lodges

Maria David
TWO accommodation facilities situated less than 200 metres apart the Oshikango Town Lodge and Bennies Park in the northern border town of Oshikango in the Ohangwena Region were partially destroyed by a fire.
The destruction wrought by the fire was confirmed by officials of Helao Nafidi Town Council who said the fire incident occurred around 13:00 on Wednesday afternoon.
Eyewitness that spoke to Informanté said that the fire started at the Oshikango Town Lodge when the thatched roofs of the lodge burst into flames. The fire then seemingly jumped from the Town Lodge to Bennies Park situated about 200 metres away where more thatched roofs burned out of control for some time.
“What is still not entirely clear is how the fire did not damage the building between Oshikango lodge and Bennies Park,” one eye witness remarked.
The Helao Nafidi fire brigade consisting mostly of volunteers was called to the scene of the destruction and they did their best to keep the fire from spreading to other buildings in the vicinity. The fire was eventually extinguished but by then only the burned frames of the thatched roofs were still standing
The actual cause of the fire that destroyed the two accommodation businesses is still unknown and a formal investigation will be launched to determine what caused both lodges to burn almost simultaneously.

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