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Fire destroys hostel in Karasbrurg

Fire destroys hostel in Karasbrurg

Niël Terblanché

FIRE destroyed the entire second storey of the girls’ hostel at the Ernst Jager School in Karasburg on Thursday evening.


Although not officially confirmed it is suspected that the blaze was caused by an electrical short circuit.


According to Deputy Commissioner Chrispen Mubebo, the Karas Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, all the hostel residents were evacuated to safety before the fire got out of control.

Video: The girls’ hostel at the Ernst Jager School in Karasaburg going up in flames. – Footage: Contributed

“No one was injured during the fire or as a result of the incident. Most of the residents’ personal belongings as well as the building was however, destroyed by the blaze.”


An eyewitness to the disastrous event said the Karasburg Fire brigade attempted to extinguish the fire but soon ran out of water and had to look on helplessly as the flames burned out of control.


Deputy Commissioner Mubebo indicated that the actual cause of the fire is currently the subject of a forensic investigation.

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