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Fire destroys building at Ongha SSS

Fire destroys building at Ongha SSS

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Maria David
A FIRE at the Ongha Senior Secondary School yesterday destroyed the house of the hostel supervisor and left damages to parts of the hostel building.
At the start of the new school term on Monday morning, learners and teachers of the Ongha SSS were left cleaning up the remnants of the supervisor’s possessions and damage caused by the fire that started in the apartment on Sunday.
The Director of Education in Ohangwena Region, Isaack Hamatwi, confirmed that parts of the school’s hostel building was damaged by the fire, adding that the fire incident occurred around 14:00 on Sunday afternoon.
“Luckily the hostel where the learners stay was not damaged. Only the supervisor’s house, which is in the same yard as the hostel,” said Hamatwi.
According to Hamatwi, the actual cause of the fire is still unknown, but he noted that the electricity supply to that part of the building was severely damaged and that it might take some time to repair the damage.
Hamatwi stated that the fire did not disrupt the ability of the school to continue with classes or to accommodate the children at the start of the new term and that learners and teachers were able to follow the normal routine at the school on Monday morning.

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