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Farmer bribes man to withdraw charges

Farmer bribes man to withdraw charges

Eba Kandovazu

A FARMER from the Otjinene area is facing backlash from community members after it came to light that he paid a man N$20 000 to withdraw a criminal case against him.

Confirming this, Omaheke Regional Commander Commissioner Andreas Rengura  told Informanté that the suspect was arrested on a charge of pointing of a firearm.

Pictured: The suspect and the victim negotiations. Photo: contributed

An eyewitness said that the farmer fired shots at the victim who has allegedly driven onto his property to drop off workers.

The suspect then reportedly charged at the victim, fired more shots and a fight broke out and was only stopped after the police intervened and took him to the police station where he was charged.

It is alleged that negotiations between the two ensued afterwards and the victim withdrew the charges after he was paid N$ 20 000.

Rengura, however, said that the police was not a part of the negotiations and that he was unaware of the circumstances that led to the withdrawal of the charges against the suspect, who name he did not want to disclose.

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