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Family survives by selling ice

Family survives by selling ice

Marthina Mutanga

IN an attempt to make ends meet, Maria Ndumo, and her sister started to sell flavoured ice for only two dollars on a sidewalk near Katutura Magistrate court.


A 41-year-old mother along with her sister and three of their toddler spend the day in the hot sun to earn an income. They start trading every day at 12:00 till 17:00.


In an interview with Informanté, Ndumo said she has to carry her younger children with her to the spot on the sidewalk where she sells the bags of flavoured ice. She said that life has gotten tough as she and her family has to rely on the little money that they make in order to make it through the month.

“We walk from the Single Quarters to come and sit at this spot because the four way stop is always busy,” said.


Ndumo said while she and her sister are working, they also have to deal with the needs of the toddlers. They are forced to change the children’s nappies and when they get tired, put them to sleep in the shade of a small tree next to their selling spot just to continue with their business.


Their customers consist mainly of school going children and taxi drivers. According to Ndumo the current hot weather aids them in their sales. She said they manage to make about N$50 per day.

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