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Fake student doctor granted bail

Fake student doctor granted bail

Zorena Jantze
A WOMAN who managed to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes by pretending to be a medicine student while working at the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital was granted bail today when she appeared at the Oshakati Magistrate’s Court.

Pictured: Saima Mushima in ouurt. – Photo: Contributed

The 24-year-old women, identified as Saima Mushimba, was granted a bail in the amount of N$2,000 by Magistrate Helena Ekandjo after appearing on charges of contravening the Medical and Dental Act by pretending to be a doctor at the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital, as well as a count of fraud.
Speaking to Informanté after the appearance, Dr. Korbinian Amutenya, Medical Superintendent at the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital, said that the suspect pretended she was a medicine student who was assigned to observe procedures in the causalities department.
He added that Mushimba was never accepted to observe these procedures by himself nor the Chief medical officers responsible for professional services.
“She confessed that she is not a medical student after it was found that there are simply no supporting documents,” Dr Amutenya stated.
He added that a person must have a letter from the institution where they are studying to confirm that they really are a student and in addition, a person should apply to have an authorisation letter from hospital to observe medical procedures.
“I’m not quite sure why anyone would come to practice if they do not have a theoretical background in medicine. I’ve requested the psychiatrist at the hospital to have a conversation with her to see if she is really herself, or whether she is mentally unstable,” Dr Amutenya stated.
Amuntenya emphasised that this case comes as a wakeup call to the hospital, as it shows that their hospital systems are not as tight as they are supposed to be and needs to be strengthened.
Spokesperson of the Oshana Police, Sergeant Frieda Shikole stated that the suspect impersonated being doctor at the state hospital for a period of 4 weeks.
Shikole added that her cover was blown when she stole a laptop of another doctor and was apprehended by the police in that matter.
“She pretended to be a medical doctor from Russia. Further inquiry into her background, however, proved that this was not true,” Shikole stated.

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