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Fake medical intern sentenced

Fake medical intern sentenced

Zorena Jantze
THE 24 year old woman known as Saima Mushimba, who boggled the minds of many Namibians when she decided to pull the wool over the eyes of the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital medical staff by pretending to be a medical intern, heard her fate at the Oshakati Magistrate Court.
Judge, Helena Ekandjo sentenced Mushimba to a total of 18 months imprisonment, or paying a fine of N$5000. The convict however opted to pay the fine and is now a free woman.

Pictured: Saima Mushimba. Photo: Contributed

Mushimba who was charged on contravening the Medical and Dental Act pretended she was a medicine student who was assigned to observe procedures in the causalities department.
At the time of the incident, Dr. Korbinian Amutenya, Medical Superintendent at the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital stated that Mushimba was never accepted to observe these procedures by himself nor the Chief medical officers responsible for professional services.
Spokesperson of the Oshana Police, Sergeant Frieda Shikole stated that the suspect impersonated being doctor at the state hospital for a period of 4 weeks. Shikole added that her cover was blown when she stole a laptop of another doctor and was apprehended by the police in that matter.
“She pretended to be a medical doctor from Russia. Further inquiry into her background, however, proved that this was not true,” Shikole stated.