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Explosive devices discovered at Ombata

Explosive devices discovered at Ombata

Maria David

OFFICERS from the Namibian Police’s Explosive Control Division were dispatched to a house in the Ombata B Village to safely dispose of explosive devices believed to be left over from the war for the liberation of Namibia.


Confirming the incident, Warrant Officer Frieda Shikole of NamPol’s Community Affairs Division, said the discovery of six explosive devices was made by two children aged seven and eight while they were playing under a tree.


“The two children were playing in the shade of a tree where their family members rest on a daily basis. The children were digging holes in the sand when they discovered the explosives,” said Shikole.


Explosive devices Namibia Police Omabata
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According to Shikole, the house where the old ordnance was discovered belongs to the 48 year old Hilma Kalumbu.


“It is believed that the devices might have been placed there by the soldiers during the war. However, its origin and who left the explosive ordinance at the house is yet to be determined,” she said.


Warrant Officer Shikole noted that two officers from the Explosive Control Division were dispatched to the scene to safely dispose of the explosives. She said the explosive control officers disposed of two M26 hand grenades, on white phosphorous hand grenade and three handheld flairs.


Shikole noted that no one was injured and police investigation into the matter continues.