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Ex fugitive to hear fate soon

Ex fugitive to hear fate soon

Eba Kandovazu

THE fate of a man who fled to South Africa shortly after he was convicted on charges of rape, robbery and assault will soon be made public.

Charles Namiseb was extradited from South Africa last year after he escaped from the Windhoek Central police station’s holding cells hours after he and his co-accused, Edwin Tourob, were convicted. The duo’s charges emanate from an incident in 2010 when they broke into an elderly couple’s home at Uis.

Charles Namiseb. Photo: Eba Kandovazu

There, they struck a 72-year-old man with a spade. Bleeding immensely, the man was dragged into his home before the culprits struck his 69-year-old wife.  They then took turns to rape her and stole two firearms, jewellery, money and their car.

Tourob was sentenced in 2016 to 53 years in jail while authorities searched for Namiseb.

Namiseb was arrested last year in Pretoria, with assistance from Interpol.

This morning, Namiseb’s lawyer Jan Wessels gave his final submissions before sentencing. He informed the court that prior to the charges, his client had no previous convictions.

“My client has lost everything since his arrest. His house, his vehicle and his plumbing business. Throughout the trial, state witnesses gave an impression that the accused denies the allegations that they set out. My client still maintains his innocence. We are, however, aware that he will be sent to jail for a long time,” Wessels said.

Wessels further suggested to the court that inhumane sentences such as that imposed on Namiseb’s co-accused should be avoided. This is in accordance with the newly introduced law from the Supreme court which states that sentences longer than 37 years are unconstitutional.

The state is expected to submit the aggravating factors tomorrow morning before Judge Alfred Siboleka sentences Namiseb.

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