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Etosha fence will be fixed at a fraction of original cost

Etosha fence will be fixed at a fraction of original cost

Staff Reporter

THE exclusion of middlemen or contractors in the project to replace most of the dilapidated fence around the Etosha National Park will save the Namibian taxpayer just short of half a billion dollars.


The Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta, launched the project to repair the boundary fence of the iconic national park and said it would be business unusual because employees of the ministry will be doing the work along with members of local communities.


During the launch of the project the minister said that the project is estimated to be completed in three years and that it could be realised with a budget of only N$10 million at current prices and rates.


Minister Shifeta at the same event also launched another initiative aimed at encouraging donors, the private sector and other stakeholders to get involved and support the development and management of Namibia’s National Parks and other conservation areas.


The minister said “The Friends of Parks Programme” will support the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in developing, expanding, managing and promoting a system of sustainable national parks and other conservation areas that represents biodiversity, tourism and heritage assets, through innovation and best practice for the just and equitable benefit of current and future generations. He said the project is launched in the spirit of goodwill and will enjoy a coordinated and structured approach.




Minister Sifeta’s full address at the launch event reads as follows:

I am delighted to be with you all here in the Etosha National Park for the launch of these two initiatives on the Etosha boundary fence construction and Friends of the Parks Programme.


Our world-renowned national parks are one of the key tourism attractions in Namibia.


These parks are home to some of our most iconic species and offer fascinating habitats a