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Endjala urges community involvement

Endjala urges community involvement

Maria David

OMUSATI Governor, Erginus Endjala, has appealed to political office bearers to involve their communities in planning sessions to avoid misunderstandings that have the power to delay the implementation of programs in towns and constituencies.


Endjala made these remarks during a consultation meeting with political office bearers recently and highlighted that gone are the days when people plan in isolation and dictate what the public must have.


“We must be in constant contact with our electorate and create a culture of consultation with our respective communities. Know their needs and get their opinions and agree to disagree on issues, not personalities,” said Endjala.


Erginus Endjala avoid political office
WORK TOGETHER: Omusati governor Erginus Endjala. Photo: Contributed


Endjala further noted with concern that when office bearers plan for their towns and constituencies, they often do so without the involvement or participation of the communities that will be most affected.


According to him, there is a need to plan in unison and not in isolation and to avoid being competitors amongst themselves.


He advised that in order to attain development in their jurisdictions, planning sessions must be opened up to the public for participation.


Endjala informed the office bearers that his office is expecting to be provided with action plans within the next three month.