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Education ministry mum on alleged wife killer’s disciplinary action

Education ministry mum on alleged wife killer’s disciplinary action

Eba Kandovazu

MYSTERY surrounds how a teacher accused of rape in 2015 was still able to teach at a school where he allegedly raped a 13-year-old learner.

There are also questions about how he was able to secure bail in that matter, only to kill his wife four years later.

Patrick Geingob. Photo: Contributed

Patrick Geingob, 38, the man behind Monday’s brutal killing of another teacher, his wife Merentha Geingos, allegedly raped a child at People’s Primary School in Windhoek.

It is alleged that he lured the teenager to his bedroom, situated on the school premises, by asking her to help him carry books.

The rape only came to light when the child refused to go back to school, prompting her parents to probe further.

The realisation that Geingob indeed raped her led to his arrest and subsequently granting of bail in the amount of N$7,000 before the matter was struck from the roll.

Khomas Regional Education Director, Gerard Vries, refuses to comment on whether or not an internal disciplinary hearing was done to determine if Geingob would continue teaching at the school.

“It is the policy of the Ministry of Education, Khomas Regional Council, Directorate of Education not to comment on any confidential Human Resources-related matters pertaining to any of the staff members in its employment,” Vries said.

Vries also remained tightlipped on how Geingob was able to retain his job given the seriousness of the criminal charge against him.

Geingob is now facing a murder charge after stabbing and slitting open his wife’s stomach, leaving her organs exposed.

Geingos was the Head of Department at A.I Steenkamp primary school.

The couple has three children together.

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