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Education director urges new approaches to old systems

Education director urges new approaches to old systems

Aili Iilonga

EXECUTIVE Director of the Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation, Dr. Alfred Van Kent, has urged key players in the Higher education sector to find new innovative methods to old systems to ensure that quality assurance takes higher priority in bettering the country’s education standard.
He was speaking at the two-day first national quality assurance conference that is currently underway in Windhoek.
He said that despite challenges faced by a number of institutions in bringing quality assurance to the forefront that should not deter them in engaging both the private and public sector in extensive research that is able to build institutional capacity.

EDUCATION IS KEY: Namibia is hosting its first ever quality assurance conference in Windhoek. Photo contributed

“We need to build institution capacity in place and for that to happen, policy frameworks and institutions should engage roughly in research of quality assurance. There must be a partnership between high education institutions and professional borders,” urged Van Kent.
Van Kent further stated that the conference hopes to bring about tangible outcomes that the Namibian higher education system will be able to use in improving the standard of education.
Experts in quality assurance from the southern and northern parts of Africa have convened for the two-day conference, where the Namibian higher education system will be reviewed and revised in order to standardised it and enhance its quality as that of other countries in Africa and beyond.