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ECN postpone EVM hacking challenge

ECN postpone EVM hacking challenge

Staff Reporter
THE Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) has postponed the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) hacking challenge that was scheduled to take place later today.
Vikitoria Hango, Corporate Communications Officer of the Electoral Commission of Namibia said the event is called off following a communication from majority of members of the Political Parties Liaison Committee (PLC) who requested the ECN to postpone the EVM hacking challenge date to allow political parties’ sufficient time to prepare for the session.
Hango said the political parties have raised a number of concerns with regard to the credibility and integrity of the EVM both to the Commission and various communication platforms such as newspapers and social media.
Political parties allege that the EVMs can be hacked to store results other than the choice of voters and that it can be tampered with to favour a particular candidate or political party by altering the results stored in the EVMs after the polls.
“The ECN took cognizance of these concerns and as part of the ongoing consultations between the Commission and political parties to ensure credibility within all aspects of the electoral process, the Commission invited nominees of registered political parties to take part in an EVM hacking challenge,” said Hango.
She further noted that the EVM hacking challenge is a platform made available to the nominees of political parties to examine randomly selected EVMs.
The hacking challenge provides the political parties an opportunity to demonstrate their claims that the EVMs could be tampered with within the existing administrative and security protocols put in place by the Commission.
She lastly said the ECN is committed to ensuring the credibility and integrity of the electoral process and will continue to engage political parties to ensure that new arrangements are made in this regard.

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