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Earthquake hits Waldfrieden Mission

Earthquake hits Waldfrieden Mission

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Placido Hilukilwa
THE Roman Catholic Mission and the surroundings in the Omaruru area experienced two separate earth tremors earlier on Wednesday.
“Most of our mission buildings and church are full of cracks. The first tremor hit us at about 04:40 and the shaking continued for about 40 seconds,” said Bro. John OSB.
According to the clergyman a second tremor hit shortly after their morning mass.
“The shaking again occurred while we were still in our refectory at around 08:06. We were very concerned because even in the hostel, the children reported that their beds were literally shaking. The tremors caused panic and confusion among the kids.”
Despite the scare and damge to buildings, no physical injuries to people were reported.
Bro. John said that they would like to sympathize with the whole community of Waldfrieden and he requested that Good Samaritans come forward to help in any way possible.

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