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Drought caused massive loss of animals

Drought caused massive loss of animals

Marthina Mutanga
THE current drought has caused massive losses in animal numbers which includes domesticated animals such as cattle in the Kunene Region which has substantially increased the risk of even further deterioration of livelihood and vulnerability of the people.
Regional Governor Marius Sheya said forty –five percent of the total loss of cattle occurred in Kunene, losing 64,472 heads since October 2015.
Climate change has radically disrupted the basis for many of the regions residents’ core economic activities, contributing to a reduction in agricultural outputs, increased poverty levels, and reduction in household food security.
The Environment investment fund of Namibia secured a total amount of N$ 158 million to support the residents of Kunene region to cope with the impacts of climate change.
“Food security remains one of the key priorities for the region, and the successful implementation of the Harambee O Yetu green house pilots at the Kamanjab and Outjo Constituency offices, have paved the way to roll out this project not only contributes to the efforts to address hunger, but also provides an opportunity to healthy eating and employment creation,” noted Sheya.
The pilot projects were wholly maintained by the youth of the respective constituencies, and has an opportunity to do the same for the others.
The initiative is to promote small and intensify farming methods with greater output hence later these year they shall be launching the Harambee O-yetu project under the office of the governor.
He said throughout the meetings with farmers and the outreach to farmer’s common challenges they have encountered is lack of tractors and implements for farmers to access for ploughing their fields for both communal and resettlement farmers, lack of informative or training programmes for crop farming, lack of organizing market for their fresh farms.
“Let me assure our farmers that we hear your cry hence it is our duty to assure our farmers that we hear your cry hence it is our duty to ensure that we transform Kunene Region into one agriculture productive region into one of the agriculture productive regions in Namibia,” Sheya said.
Sheya lastly edge the leadership and the farmers let us hold hands and embark on this interesting journey of transformation into an agriculture region within the next 5 years.

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