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Drawn-out decision processes hamper finalisation of corruption cases

Drawn-out decision processes hamper finalisation of corruption cases

Staff Reporter
ALMOST half of the complaints formally laid with the Anti-corruption Commission of Namibia in the first three months of 2019 had no reasonable grounds for further investigation.
According to a statement issued by the Anti-corruption Commission the quality and amount of relevant information of the corruption complaints received directly affected whether the complaints could eventually be pursued.
“The majority of non-pursuable corruption complaints were due to insufficient, vague or unsubstantiated information provided.”

Director General, Paulus Noa.

According to the statement a total 60 cases were registered with the ACC since the first day of January until the end of March this year.
Of the 60 complaints 21 were earmarked for full investigations, two were identified as preliminary enquiries and one was submitted to the office of the Prosecutor General for a decision in terms of section 31 of the Anti-corruption Act, 2003 (Act No. 8 of 2003) and the ACC is still awaiting feedback in this instance.
In one of the cases the investigations into the matter have been finalised and is awaiting further decision from the Director General, Paulus Noa.
Nine of the cases were referred to the relevant government authorities and final feedback is still awaited in these matters.
Of the 60 complaints registered with the ACC in the three months under review, 26 complaints were closed as there were no reasonable grounds for investigation.
The complaints received by the ACC since the beginning of the year were both corruption related and non-corruption related.
Those nine complaints that were not corruption related are the ones referred to the relevant government authorities to be processed by the relevant internal policies and actions.

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