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Dippenaar murder trial postponed to November

Dippenaar murder trial postponed to November

A second expert witness is set to testify on behalf of the state in the murder trial of Jandré Dippenaar when it resumes in the third week of November this year.

Advocate Louis Botes concluded his cross examination of Mr. Johan Joubert, the first expert witness the state called at the resumption of the trial at the beginning of the week after revisiting some of the aspects of his testimony for the state and the statements he made while being cross examined.

Throughout the cross examination Advocate Botes argued that the expert witness during the compilation of his report for the Hollard insurance company made grave errors in his calculations and that he manipulated some of the data to suit the insurance company’s needs.

“Your measurements are incorrect and will not stand the test of time,” he told the witness at one stage.

He informed the witness that when the time comes expert witnesses for the defence will come and testify that the Toyota FJ Cruiser did indeed travel in the correct lane and that the deceased driver of the Ford Ranger was approaching the oncoming lane at an angle before colliding with the oncoming vehicle while outside of its own lane.

The angle at which the vehicle collided also came under criticism because under the instructions from the defence experts, Joubert did not calculate the forces involved correctly. Advocate Botes put it to the witness that the angles he used are incorrect because it was not in a straight line.

Joubert reacted and stated that if that was the case the impact damage on the FJ Cruiser and on the Ford Ranger double cab bakkie would have been different if that was the case.

He added that straight lines only exist in laboratory conditions and what happens in real word scenarios can vary significantly.
Advocate Botes informed the court that he had no further questions for the expert witness and after a few questions in re-examination from the state prosecutor the trial was postponed till the 19th day of November.

Like the past week, the trial is set down to continue for five days in November.

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