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Democracy was the real winner

Democracy was the real winner

Election Desk

THE Electoral Commission of Namibia has announced the official results of the Presidential and National Assembly elections and declared the process free and fair.


The Chairperson of the commission, Advocate Notemba Tjipueja declared Dr. Hage Geingob the winner of the presidential election after he accumulated 464 703 votes representing 56.3% of the total votes cast in the presidential race.


Votes for the ten other presidential candidates are as follows:


Apius Auchab (UDF) got 22 115 votes or 2.7%
Dr. Tangeni Iijambo (Swanu) 5 959 or 0.7%
Panduleni Itula (IC) 242 657 or 29.4%
Henry Mudge (RP) 4 379 or 0.5%
Esther Muinjangue (NUDO) 12 039 or 1.5%
Epafras Mukwilongo (NEFF) 1 026 or 0.1%
Mike Kavetokora (RDP) 3 515 or 0.4%
Shixwameni Nkotonga (APP) 3 304 or 0.4%
Bernardus Swartbooi (LPM) 22 542 or 2.7%
McHenry Venaani (PDM) 43 959 or 5.3%


A total of 826 198 people participated in the presidential election.


The Swapo Party won the National Assembly elections with 536 861 votes or 65.5% of the votes cast.


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Votes for the 14 other parties that participated in the National


Assembly elections and the number of parliamentary seats they won are as follows:


All People’s Party 14 644 (1.8%) won 2 seats
Christian Democratic Party 5 841 (0.7%) won 1 seat
Congress of Democrats 4 654 (0.6%) 0 seats
Landless People’s Movement 38 956 (4.&%) won 4 seats
Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters 13 580 (1.7%) won 2 seats
Namibia Democratic Party 4 559 (0.6%) 0 seats
Namibia Patriotic Front 1 785 (0.2%) 0 seats
National Unity Democratic Organisation of Namibia 16 066 (1.9%) 2 seats
Popular Democratic Movement 136 576 (16.6%) won 16 seats
Rally for Democracy and Progress 8 953 (1.1%) won 1 seat
Republican Party 14 546 (1.8%) won 2 seats
Swanu 5 330 (0.6%) won 1 seat
United Democratic Front 14 644 (1.8%) won 2 seats
Workers Revolutionary Party 3 212 (0.4%) 0 seats


At total of 820 227 people participated in the National Assembly election.


Advocate Tjipueja said the announcement of the election results took longer than expected and indicated that it was due to ensuring that discrepancies that needed to be identified and rectified.


Challenges were experienced with documentation received from returning officers from the Otjiwarongo, Opuwo Rural, Moses Garoed and Eenhana Constiuencies.


She said the returning officers of these constituencies at the time of tabulation of results at the collation centres omitted to include the results of the respective polling stations and were not included in constituency results declared.


“Following the detection of these anomalies the Chief Electoral Officer undertook corrective measures by directing the returning officers concerned to make requisite statements under oath and to rectify the discrepancies on the forms and to post the rectified forms outside the respective collation centres.”


Advocate Tjipueja said the rectification of the discrepancies wasted an unnecessary amount of time and held the announcement of results back longer than expected.


She indicated that the results from the special election held on 13 November and the votes by people living abroad were included in the final results of the 2019 Presidential and National Assembly elections.


Dr. Geingob spoke after the announcement of the results and said democracy in Namibia was the biggest winner of the just completed election process.


“I would like to thank the ECN, those that competed in the elections and the electorate. It was tough. There’s always a winner and a loser. There can only be one winner. It was a tough competition but I emerged a winner.”


Dr. Geingob also thanked the various branches of the security forces for ensuring that the election process progressed peacefully.


“I would like to thank the entire Namibian nation for their participation and those that are not happy should realize that there can only be one winner.”


Dr, Geingob said he will address the nation on Monday when he is expected to elaborate on the way forward.

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