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Death rate on roads increase despite decline in accident numbers

Death rate on roads increase despite decline in accident numbers

Staff Reporter
A comparative study of motor vehicle accidents over the Easter Weekend showed that fatal incidents increased sharply over a three year period despite a decrease in crashes.
According to statistics provided by the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund crashes From 2017 to 2018 increased by six percent, injuries declined by 45 percent and fatalities declined by 72 percent. From 2018 to 2019 crashes declined by 35 percent, injuries increased by one percent and fatalities increased by 60 percent.
The decline in the number of accidents is due to increased road safety information and sensitisation campaigns by various authorities and bodies and according to the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund of Namibia the statistics show that over the Easter long weekend of 2017, 64 accidents occurred which resulted in the deaths of 18 people. 177 people were injured during the four day weekend at the time.
The accident rate increased to 68 during the long weekend of 2018 but resulted in fewer deaths when only five fatalities were recorded. Injuries also declined from 117 to 98.
The study by the MVA Fund showed that only 44 motor vehicle accidents were recorded during the most recent Easter weekend. The death rate went up from five to eight and injuries also increased by one person.

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