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Death by stick suspects in court

Death by stick suspects in court

Death by stick suspects in court

Man killed over lost USB

Maria David

THE two men accused of fatally beating another man, the 29-year-old Hafunda Helasitus Hingashipola, with sticks during a fight at the Omakango Village on Monday made their first court appearance at Oshakati magistrate’s Court.

Amutenya Asel from Omatunda village and Haufiku Stephanus from Omakango village in the Endola area, both 24 year olds, were remanded in custody.

Presiding magistrate Cynthia Matiti postponed the matter to the 28 February for further police investigation. According to Sergeant Frieda Shikole, the Namibian Police’s spokesperson in the Oshana Region, the lifeless body of Hingashipola was discovered on Saturday afternoon in an open field at Omakango village.

“It is alleged that the deceased person accused the duo of stealing his USB stick on which some music was stored on Friday evening while all of them were drinking at Push and Pull Bar. A fight broke out between the men, but the matter was left unresolved” Said Shikole.

Sergeant Shikole said that Hingashipola the following morning went to the house where the suspects were staying o confront them and that a second fight broke out, which soon escalated to the men beating each other with sticks.

According to Sergeant Shikole, after the fight, the now deceased person left the house of the suspects and he walked some distance into the open field before he suddenly collapsed and died.

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