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Daughter evicts her mother from their family home

Daughter evicts her mother from their family home

Marthina Mutanga and Samuel Shinedima
A MOTHER from Katutura found herself on the street when she was evicted from her family home because of a family dispute over living rights in the house and an unpaid municipal bill.
The house previously belonged Theo Katjimune, the late father of Beverly Kaposiao who inherited the property when he died.
Beverly Kaposiao owes the City of Windhoek nearly N$7 000 on a municipal bill that fell in arrears and has been struggling to pay water and electricity.
Berverly said that she asked Ujeverua Katjimune to pay rent or to move out of the house in order to accumulate enough money to pay the outstanding amount to the CoW. Her mother refused to move out or to help in any other way claiming that she also has a right to stay there.
Bervery further stated that family meetings were set to resolve this dispute but the families are too violent to come to a solution, which resulted in her decision to take legal steps to evict her mother.
“The amount that I have to pay to the City of Windhoek is close to N$6886.00. Ujeverua have been staying in the house for almost 30 years without ever paying any bills” Berverly said
Ujevarua said that she stays with nine of her family members and children in the house and that she now has nowhere to go.
The Katutura Central Constituency Councillor, Ambrosius Kandjii, who was called to assist with Beverly’s eviction, said that is sad that the issue has turned out this way. He was of the opinion that the situation should rather have been resolved in an amicable manner.
Kandjii said he he was under pressure to find a solution for the sake of the school going children who are now also on the streets with all their belongings.

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