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Councillor Kuushomwa is dead

Councillor Kuushomwa is dead

Placido Hilukilwa
LOTTO Kuushomwa, the long-serving Oshakati-East constituency councillor and one of the three representatives of the Oshana Region in the National Council, is no more.

Pictured: The late Lotto Kuushomwa. Photo: File

He died after collapsing in the Council chambers this morning.
Oshana Regional Council Chairperson, Hannu Kapenda described Kuushaomwa – his predecessor – as hardworking and a dependable cadre who served the region as constituency councillor and for many years as chairperson of the regional council before being sent to represent the region in the National Council.
Kushoomwa is said to have been unwell for some time but those close to him said that they were under the impression that he has totally recovered his health and his physical shape was showing noticeable improvement.
“His death came as a shock to us all and we are utterly devastated,” said Kapenda.

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