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COSDEC trainees putting skills to good use

COSDEC trainees putting skills to good use

Maria David

TRAINEES at the Community Skill Development Centre (COSDEC) in Ondangwa doing Welding and Metal Fabrication are determined to put their skills to good use by refurbishing discarded school furniture in an effort to meet government half way.


The trainees recently completed a project to refurbish and remanufacture chairs for the Oshitayi Primary School.


Cosdec Welding Trainer Fillemon Amputu said that they started the school project earlier this month and managed to finish within the time frame the school’s principal requested. He added that they will be moving on to the repair of discarded desks soon.


“We used to fix a lot of things. This also helped trainees to test their newly acquired skills and helps to keep them busy in a constructive way,” said Amputu.


COSDEC trainees Ondangwa skills Welding Metal Fabrication
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According to Amputu, the number of trainees on a project is determined by the quantity of products needed to be fixed as they have a lot of trainees.
He stated that the money generated through each project is for the Centre and trainees are given a little of taxi fare to assist them.


Amputu noted that their aim is to meet government half way with costs and at the same time to keep most of the trainees busy.


Cosdec is a vocational training centre which provides competency-based skills’ training to various communities throughout Namibia – primarily for youth and the previously disadvantaged groups to assist them in participating in economic development activities.


The skills development programme was initiated to build the technical capacity and skills of the youth in order to secure employment opportunities and to help young people establish their own business.