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Cordon fence restrictions detrimental to internal trade

Cordon fence restrictions detrimental to internal trade

Cordon fence restrictions detrimental to internal trade
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Zorena Jantze

WITH the recent South African border closure necessitated by the foot-and-mouth-disease outbreak and the looming drought, the Namibian beef market is under strain and measures have been implemented to procure meat products from north of the Red Line.
Minister of Finance, Calle Schlettwein stated that in line with Resolutions of the Land Conference, and in terms of Section 73 of the Public Procurement Act of 2015, all Public Entities are directed to include specific provisions to allow Namibian producers wanting to bid for any catering contract for the provision of food, like meat, fresh produce, cereal and flour to be considered.
He stated that these local products should be sourced if normal supply is not available to meet the demand.
Schlettwein further stated that recipient offices north of the cordon fence/red line should include specific provisions in their specifications that meat, fresh produce, cereal and flour are to be sourced from suppliers north of the cordon fence/red line.
He however stated that it is discouraged to procure meat, fresh produce, cereal and flour south of the cordon fence/red line, unless supply is insufficient to satisfy demand.
“Specifications should not include provisions that would negate the instructions issued herewith. The specifications shall not refer to a grade of meat that requires import of meat. The only source for the procurement of meat shall be the Meat Board approved abattoirs until supply is insufficient for the demand. This also applies for abattoirs north of the cordon fence or Red Line. This applies to any new procurement as well as where the bidding process has not closed. The specifications need to be amended with immediate effect to reflect this instruction.” Shlettwein said.
This directive considers animal products which shoukd include beef, sheep, goat, pork, game, fish and poultry bred in Namibia and also consider fresh produce to include vegetables and fruit grown in Namibia.
Additionally this directive includes maize and by-products thereof, millet and mahangu and byproducts thereof, under cereals and wheat is included under flour which are all grown in Namibia.

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