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Contractor implicated in theft of ECN computers

Contractor implicated in theft of ECN computers

Marthina Mutanga

THE Electoral Commission of Namibia’s chief electoral and referenda officer, Theo Mujoro has confirmed that a theft case has been registered with the Namibian Police after five laptop computers were stolen from the commission’s offices.


Milton Shaanika Louw, who rendered information technology services for the ECN during the recent Presidential and National Assembly elections on a contract, was implicated in the theft.


The Namibian Police was called to the shop where Louw was spotted while attempting to sell the five computers. The suspected stolen goods were confiscated and taken to the police station.


Pictured: Milton Shaanika Louw. Photo: Contributed


Mujoro said that the Namibian Police called him to go to the police station to identify the computers and to confirm that the equipment belongs to the ECN.


“After confirming that the computers were stolen from storage facilities at the ECN head-office, a case of theft was registered with the Namibian Police.”


Mujoro reiterated that the stolen computers were not used during the recent national elections and that it contained no election data whatsoever.


Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanuatjivi, commander of the Police Public Relations division confirmed that a theft case with regards to the stolen ECN computers was registered with the Namibian Police. He added that the suspect in the matter was not arrested yet and that the matter will be prioritised for investigation.

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