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Community united in rebuilding shack fire victim’s home

Community united in rebuilding shack fire victim’s home

Eba Kandovazu

A SERIES of donations – ranging from money, clothing, furniture and building materials – from public members made it possible for a 31-year-old mother of three to recover and have a place to call home once again after a fire destroyed her home after New Year’s Eve.


Juliana Kaurangerua lost all her belongings in a fire two weeks ago, including her identification documents.


A social media post from her employer, Kosha Cleaning Services, generated sympathy from individuals and companies who have since offered her a hand in rebuilding her home, a demonstration of Ubuntu and unity during the time of giving.


In an interview with Informanté, Kaurangerua expressed gratitude towards the public for the assistance.


AFTERMATH: The newly erected shack, with assistance from the public. –
Photo: Eba Kandovazu


A company has also offered to assist her three children with school fees, stationary and uniform.


“The night before that, me and my friends were hanging outside the house. We cooked and the electricity went off. I went to sleep and I had forgotten that the stove was on. I woke up that Saturday to go buy electricity. Meanwhile, the people I live with had bought electricity and as soon as they put it on, the fire started because the stove was on and it somehow exploded. I honestly thought I was done for. The only thing I was left with were the clothes I had on,” Kaurangerua said.


Meanwhile in Swakopmund, a 44-year-old woman woke up to a fire engulfing her sitting room.


Unable to save any possession, the woman took her two children, ages 4 and 5, and stormed out of the burning building.


According to Nampol Spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi, the woman was preparing lunch for her children on Saturday when she decided to take a nap.


“The children woke her up and informed her that the house was on fire. She immediately went to inspect and noticed that the sitting room was already engulfed in fire from the curtains to the roof, before rushing her children to safety. Upon arrival of the fire fighters, no properties could be saved as the fire already spread around the entire house. No injuries were reported,” Shikwambi said.


Police investigations continue.