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Community ensures success of Napso sport weekend

Community ensures success of Napso sport weekend

Video: Activities at the Securitas NAPSO Winter Sports weekend in Walvis Bay. Footage: Niël Terblanché

Niël Terblanché
THE population of Walvis Bay grew by at least 10 000 souls as people from all over Namibia travelled to the coast to attend the Namibian Afrikaans Private School Organisation (Napso) winter sports weekend that stretched over four days.
Besides the event being an excellent opportunity for the school, hosting an event of this magnitude to accrue much needed revenue, Walvis Bay also received financial injection as families occupied accommodation facilities and went shopping in town and the Dunes Mall. Accommodation facilities were filled to the brim and the increased number of people in the port town also caused some traffic issues as hundreds of vehicles were parked as close as possible to the venue where the sports weekend took place.
Ilse Palomba, who along with a few other key personalities and key sponsors such as Securitas, stood at the head of the huge task of organising the massive sports weekend, said 3 750 learners from 17 private schools from all over Namibia participated in the event. He said the official opening of the sports weekend was attended by more than 10 000 people on Thursday.
“What really struck me was the support of the Walvis Bay Municipality and the local people and businesses that pitched in to make the weekend a resounding success. The Dolphin Schools is a relatively small private school and we simply do not have the facilities to host an event of this magnitude, but the municipality graciously allowed us to use the Jan Wilken Sports Grounds. The same goes for Sparta who also availed their facilities for the event,” the head mistress of The Dolphin Schools said.
She said that besides the indoor hockey and netball facilities no outdoor courts and pitches existed before the weekend.
“To name but one of the many that pitched in to support our effort the people at Coastal Precast & Paving / Suremix, without a second thought, built totally new netball courts and hockey pitches on the grounds at no cost to the school. More than hundred hockey matches and many more netball matches were played on the new facilities.”
Palomba said the best thing about the weekend is the fact that the different sports codes are played in a spirit of friendship and to build community values.
“At the end of it all there is no champion or best school. All matches are obviously competitive and the teams give their best during a specific game, but it is not about the winner or the loser. It is about healthy competition and new bonds of friendship created during the event.”
As the NAPSO Winter Sports weekend came to a close, Palomba wished all who attended the event in Walvis Bay and who helped to make it huge success, a safe tripe home.

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