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Coastal residents welcomes elephant in their midst

Coastal residents welcomes elephant in their midst

Niël Terblanché

SOME residents of the Rossmund golf estate are eager to keep the young elephant bull that came back to the coast for a second time since Chritsmas Eve in the Swakop River in their midst.


Since officials from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism shepherded the elephant back to the Swakop River on Sunday the elephant has found a temporary home in the wetlands a few hundred metres from houses on the estate.


The spokesperson of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Romeo Muyunda confirmed on Monday afternoon that the elephant is still in the Swakop River and that a decision has been taken to allow it to stay there while it is closely monitored by officials.


“There is sufficient vegetation for the animal to feed on and plenty of water. Perhaps it will do well in the Swakop River,” Muyunda said.


Video: The Christmas elephant in amongst the vegetation of the wetlands of the Swakop River. Houses on the Rossmund golf estate can be seen in background. – Footage: Courtesy of Xenia Erb


According to Muyunda the elephant has been peaceful since reaching the wetlands of the Swakop River and he said it is the MET’s intention to assist the animal to find a home.


“We appeal to people to stay away from the area to allow the elephant to settle in. People should avoid aggravating the elephant. We will monitor the elephant continuously and react as the situation dictates. For now the elephant is in its new home.”


Most of the residents at the estate and other coastal towns welcomed the news that the elephant will be allowed to stay in the river.


Some were worried that keeping a constant eye on the elephant will wear out the officials and even suggested that a petition should be drafted to inform authorities that the coastal towns welcome the elephant and that residents are willing to partake in safeguarding residents as well as the animal.