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Churches push for good hygiene standards

Churches push for good hygiene standards

Maria David

WHILE a vast majority of churches across Namibia are not willing to suspend services during the global coronavirus pandemic as they feel more than ever, people need the word of God to remain motivated, a lot of them have included preaching and practising good hygiene in their Sunday services.


The Namibian Catholic Bishop’s Conference (NCBC) has also in the meantime set up measures to ensure that the church’s liturgical services do not become platforms through which the virus spreads.


Priests and deacons are requested to ensure that Holy Communion is distributed only in the hand, while the distribution of the precious blood to the laity has completely suspended.


In a statement, the NCBC asked that the sign of peace be done without physical contact or be omitted altogether.


Churches Namibia global coronavirus pandemic
SAFE WORSHIPPING: Picture for illustrative purposes. Photo: Contributed


“Priests, deacons and extraordinary ministers are strictly urged to practice good hygiene by washing their hands thoroughly with soap or alcohol based anti-bacterial before the liturgical service,” reads the statement.


Thomas Lukas from the Roman Catholic Church in Ongwediva, said his congregation has now been advised to wave instead of shaking hands when greeting each other to avoid physical contact when at church.


This is on top of preaching good hygiene so that those how otherwise don’t have access to such information are informed.


“The aims is to avoid getting in touch with an infected person and to protect ourselves,” he said.