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Chinese businessman guns down worker in Kavango

Chinese businessman guns down worker in Kavango

Eba Kandovazu
A CHINESE businessman was arrested in Andara in the Kavango East Region on a charge of murder after he allegedly shot a young man during a brawl that erupted on the premises of the business.

Pictured: Medical personnel at the Andara Hospital attending to the shooting victim that was rushed to the medical facility on the back of a bakkie. – Photo: Contributed

The Namibian Police’s Commander of Kavango East Region, Commissioner Johanna Ngodo, confirmed the incident and said that the victim was rushed to the Andara hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.
The brawl erupted after the victim decided to immediately leave the employ of the Chinese national and demanded that he be paid his outstanding wage. 

It is further alleged that the young man and the son of the Chinese businessman got involved in a physical fight.
After the brawl calmed down for a while, the Chinese businessman’s son allegedly called his father who arrived on the scene with two or more firearms. 

The two foreigners fired several warning shots when the argument about the victim’s outstanding wage erupted again.

It is alleged that the young man was hit with a bullet that went straight through his body during the wild shooting of warning shots. 

Bystanders rushed to victim’s aid and loaded him on the back of a bakkie in order to rush the wounded man to hospital.

Commissioner Ngodo said the actual reason for the shooting is not yet clear and that the matter will be thoroughly investigated.

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