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Cancer patient evicted from marital home

Cancer patient evicted from marital home

Hurt: Lufaena Seblon – Footage: Maria David

Maria David
LUFAENA Seblon Mboshono is 61-years old and was until recently the common-law wife of well-known businessman and farmer Simon Kanepolo Mulunga.
The couple lived together for 30 years while Mulunga was still legally married to another woman named Lydia, who passed away in 2012.
But Mboshono’s diagnosis with cancer in 2016 signaled the beginning of the end of her happy marriage to Mulunga.
She is now crying foul.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with Informante this week, Mboshono said that she met and married businessman Mulunga 30 years ago and he is the father of five of her children.
They were planning to legalize their marriage later this year Mulunga the man abruptly terminated the matrimonial plans.
She said that since she was diagnosed with cancer she has been in and out of hospital and also suffered a stroke that left her paralyzed.
But shock another shock came when she was discharged from hospital again last month and returned home. Mulunga allegedly evicted her immediately saying that she “must go and die” at the house of her relatives.
“We worked hard and together built a very strong business empire, yet he chased me away without giving me anything. My 30-year effort was wasted. That is unfair,” she said.
Even her children were chased away and are now roaming the streets with no place where they can call home.
She claims that it was thanks to her hard work that Mulunga came to be a well-known mahangu farmer.
“It was me who produced the mahangu,” she said.
What really hurt her most is the fact that they were together for so long and she worked hard and tirelessly, only to be forced to leave as a pauper.
Common-law marriage is when a couple lives together for a period of time but without ever going through a formal ceremony of getting a marriage certificate.

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